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Top 10 Wedding Dresses of 2015

Le 31 December 2015, 04:30 dans Humeurs 0

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! Continuing our Top 10 posts this week with my favorite dresses! I got to feature some amazing gowns this year, here are 10 of the best of them. You can see that illusion necklines and beautiful backs are still really big trends for this year.

The lace back of this gown is so stunning, perfect for a garden wedding.

best dresses of 2015 | April Maura Photography | Glamour & Grace

This Greek Goddess inspired gown is stuff dreams are made of.

best dresses of 2015 | BinaryFlips Photography | Glamour & Grace

I love all the layers of lace in this illusion neck gown.

best dresses of 2015 | L.A. Birdie Photography | Glamour & Grace

The jeweled lace back of this gown is so stunning.

best dresses of 2015 | Perregeaux Wedding Photography | Glamour & Grace

This lace and tulle mermaid styled gown is just perfection.

best dresses of 2015 | Kaysha Weiner Photographer | Glamour & Grace

I love the classic lace and open back of this longer sleeved dress.

best dresses of 2015 | Lyndi J. Photography | Glamour & Grace

Layers of the softest tulle and illusion floral detailing make this gown one of my favorites.

best dresses of 2015 | Nikki Santerre | Glamour & Grace

This jeweled bodice ball gown is utterly dreamy and a definite statement piece.

best dresses of 2015 | Kristen Edwards Photography | Glamour & Grace

(Image:visit this website)

I love the delicate flutter sleeve of this effortlessly elegant gown.

best dresses of 2015 | hay alexandra photography | Glamour & Grace

A lace sweetheart bodice and a soft flowy skirt are always a winning combination.

best dresses of 2015 | Brooke Beasley Photography | Glamour & Grace


The Top 7 Wedding Trends of 2015

Le 18 December 2015, 06:28 dans Humeurs 0

2015 was the year of the unconventional wedding. The conservative and classic were thrown out in favor of the bohemian, the rustic, and sometimes even the downright quirky. Couples put selfie sticks on their reception tables and left their photography up to flying drones. There were imperfect bouquets, mothers of the bride wearing white, and “naked” cakes. Waves of popular decor and of-the-moment bridal gowns come and go almost as quickly as the celebration itself, but this year’s somewhat offbeat options might have some real staying power, however alternative they may seem. Below, a look at 2015’s most noteworthy wedding trends.

The Selfie Stick
This may be a controversial choice, but there’s no denying that the general public’s obsession with the tech tool also resonated with many brides-to-be in 2015. Designers showed them on the runways and planners put them out during receptions. But wedding selfie takers, beware: You don’t want to be that person who causes accidents on the dance floor.

Drone Photography
Thanks to these flying contraptions, videographers the world over (as well as tech-savvy couples) have begun creating videos that more closely resemble Hollywood films—think epic sweeping shots of the bride walking down the aisle and grand surveys of the outdoor venue—than the typical wedding video fare.

The “Naked” Cake
Couples in 2015 definitely backed away from the elaborate, ornately decorated wedding cake. This year, many chose confections that had no frosting on the outside, just crème between each layer. The only embellishments for the “naked” cake are fresh berries or edible flowers. Hey, at least this eliminated the cheesy photo ops of a bride licking frosting off her groom’s fingers, right?

Guests Wearing White
The old adage that only a bride can wear white to a wedding is losing steam. This year, even the mothers of the grooms and mothers of the brides were wearing white, and many brides opted to dress their wedding party in the matching palette.

Mix-and-Match Place Settings
Different dishware was a huge part of the larger casual trend for bridal decor this year. It was all about creating a laid-back, often rustic-inspired atmosphere, and antique or mixed place settings in various colorways played a major role in that look. It was the idea of the non-perfect, slightly off-kilter that reigned supreme.

Singular Bridal Parties
Wedding parties of 2015 were kept small and intimate. More brides and grooms this year stood up at the alter with one maid of honor and one best man, meaning fewer unruly, large group photos and no hurt feelings from the friends who didn’t make the cut.

Asymmetrical Flower Arrangements
Precisely cut white roses and perfectly round arrangements have been replaced with wildflowers, long grass, and tree branches—sculptural and often slightly off-kilter displays that mainly use only what’s fresh and in season from local farms. It’s no longer just about pretty flowers; it’s about the artful arrangement, no matter what the flora.

Whimsical & Soft Modern Vintage Garden Wedding

Le 4 December 2015, 09:31 dans Humeurs 0

Soft Modern Vintage Garden Wedding


Whimsical, dreamy and soft would be how I’d describe this divine celebration.

Jenny and Devin tied the knot on the 2nd July 2015 at Northbrook Park in Surrey. They envisioned a modern vintage wedding with elements of minimalism which suited Devin’s style and touches of English country garden which Jenny loves. A perfect combo to represent their personalities to a T.

First up, my favourite thing about their day has to be Jenny’s dress. She chose Beauty byClaire Pettibone which coordinated perfectly with their palette of white, cream, pale pink and greens. Then there were the mismatched delicate bridesmaid dresses, ribbon bouquets and a scrummy butter cream cake.

Thanks goes to the fabulous Kirsten Mavric for sharing these wonderful images with us.


Northbrook Park Soft Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Diamond Ring Band Soft Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Pink Green Cream Bouquet Flowers Ribbons Bride Bridal Rose Soft Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Modern Vintage Garden Wedding

Soft Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Soft Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Bridesmaids Soft Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Bouquets Flowers Bride Bridal Bridesmaids Mismatched Soft Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Bride Bridal Soft Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Pettibone Beauty Dress Gown Bride Bridal Soft Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Plait Waves Braid Bride Bridal Make Up Beauty Soft Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Grey Suit Green Tie Groom Soft Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Table Plan Chart Stationery Soft Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Cake Flowers Soft Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Groom Cake Toppers Soft Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Sign Bride Groom Names Top Table Soft Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Bride Bridesmaids Soft Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Pettibone Beauty Dress Gown Bride Bridal Back Soft Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Modern Vintage Garden Wedding Modern Vintage Garden Wedding


                       (Image:Sexy Wedding Dresses)

It was a cold, wet, windy and foggy New Year’s Day in 2014 – true London weather you might say! Devin wanted to take a trip into the City to frame the new year. I thought he was mad – it was horrible weather and we were both recovering from the night before… but I trusted that if he absolutely wanted to go out today of all day’s then it must be for a very good reason!

We took a taxi, and arrived a little later at The Shard – surprise! I’d not been to see it and always said how much I wanted to see London from the top. I was excited and thought it was a great idea. After wandering around the viewing platform and trying to spot our house in East London, we stood right up to the glass and he put his arm around me. He was so quiet, I was a bit worried. He smiled, and said some wonderful things about our relationship and how far we’d already come, what memories we’d made together and how this year he didn’t want me to be his girlfriend… he wanted me to be his wife! He reached into his pocket and revealed a beautiful ring, and of course I immediately said YES! He was so nervous that I had to remind him to put it on my finger.

I’ll never forget it; it was the most thoughtful and sweet proposal, and our backdrop was the entire city that had brought us together.

We celebrated with tea and cake, and people-watched the city in the rain before heading home.

THE VISION | We’re not terribly formal people. The most important thing to us overall was that we wanted the day to be happy, fun, and enjoyable for everyone. Like a perfect summers day. We described it as “Modern Vintage” in essence.

We’re both designers and have strong ideas about what we like visually. Our tastes are very similar for the most part, but where Devin is definitely more minimal than I am (lots of Brutalist architecture), I have a love for organic and crafted elements. I really wanted to embrace the English garden element, to incorporate a softer approach to the feel of the day. We managed to combine what we both loved so that we had a 50/50 balance of us both, which was super important to us.

THE PLANNING PROCESS | We both work in tech, so of course that we used that to make the process as efficient as possible. We had a spreadsheet! In fact, we had about 10 spreadsheets – time line, guest list, budget, venues, etc. I used Pinterest to collate ideas and the whole look and feel. We treated it very much as event organisers, and shared all information and files with Dropbox and Google so that we could access it anywhere, any time.

We knew where everything was, and it made it much easier for us to work on progressively.

Just as he wasn’t allowed to see my dress, I wasn’t allowed to see his suit until the day, and given how the rest of the wedding planning had been a team effort, we loved having those surprises.

FINDING THE DRESS | I found my dress almost by chance at a designer sample sale held at a prestigious hotel in Central London on a cold February Sunday afternoon. I discovered that a high-end London boutique that sells a particular few designers that I had already fallen in love with on Pinterest would be there that day. I booked an appointment not thinking much of it. I had to go on my own as it was short notice and my bridesmaids were working or otherwise unavailable.

I tried on 4 dresses that afternoon, but kept coming back to the first one – “Beauty” by Claire Pettibone. I was just so drawn to it. By chance, the flowers, beading and lacework were the exact palette we had already chosen, so it almost seemed like fate! As I was on my own I was nervous about making the decision – or getting it wrong, since I had to decide right there and then. Russell, the owner of Blackburn Bridal Boutique, was wonderful and made me feel calm and assured that it was as perfect as I felt it was. And he was so right!

It was the second dress I had ever tried on, and I fell more and more in love with it with every day that lead up to the wedding.

GROOM’S ATTIRE | Devin had a wonderful bespoke suit made for the day. It was a summer wedding, so he needed something that was light enough for the weather but made to fit perfectly. He chose the cut, fabrics, linings and buttons, from top to bottom. I got to finally see it in the wedding ceremony – he looked so handsome!

Devin had the amazing idea of having the time and date of the wedding sewn into the underneath of the collar of the jacket – and true to his computer science roots, he wanted it written EPOCH time! I thought that was very romantic.

THE READINGS & MUSIC | I chose Midsummer Night by Brian Cain to walk down the aisle to. I wanted something sweet and peaceful, but classical. A piece to reflect a gentle happiness.

We had Love by Roy Croft, read by my Godmother, Teresa. Followed by Sonnet 17 by Pablo Neruda, read by Devin’s mum, Cheryl.

We chose to write our own additional vows to each other; there was so much we wanted to say in our own way in that moment to one another.

Our exit music was Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros, which gave us an emotional big exit as newly-weds.

The music overall we felt fit perfectly, and made for some really incredible moments we’ll never forget.

BEAUTIFUL BRIDESMAIDS | My gorgeous bridesmaids! I had 5; my 4 closest friends in the world – Cat, Syrie, Lynsey and Hayley, and Devin’s awesome sister Amy. They’re the most beautiful, caring, funny and supportive girls and I was so lucky to have them next to me.

I gave them an example palette of colours that would work and they chose their own dresses – any style, length, embellishments – as long as they were happy in them, so was I. They’re incredibly stylish women and they know what works for them! They ran their choices by me of course, but honestly they did an amazing job.

They were so supportive throughout the planning stages and on the day they were unstoppable. They all made the process so very happy, fun and exciting! I love them all to pieces.

It should also be said that Devin’s groomsmen did an amazing job too! They looked so dapper, and were such an important part of the day. They made everything much easier for us both.

THE FLOWERS | We tasked Hazel and Shelly from Eden Blooms to create our floristry, and they did an exceptional job. We wanted to use a primarily white and cream palette but pick up the accents of peony pink and fresh green. We used a lot of ribbons in our other décor, and they incorporated them into our bouquets and arrangements to beautiful effect. When we saw their work on the day we were just blown away – we couldn’t have imagined anything more dreamy! They really set the tone perfectly.

THE CAKE | We wanted an unfussy but utterly delicious cake, and Neil Thornton from Le Papillon Patisserie really delivered! We loved his 3-tier ivory buttercream frosted cake, and just knew it was perfect for us. The flavours were a mixture of all our favourite classics; Vanilla with strawberry, pistachio, and lemon drizzle – with the perfect amount of buttercream. We really wanted our scrumptious cake to be enjoyed by everyone, so we had it sliced up for the wedding breakfast dessert course after we did the official cake cutting. Hazel and Neil collaborated to arrange blooms and foliage around the outside, and my bridesmaid Lynsey spent hours upon hours creating our fabulous cake-topper!

YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER | Kirsten Mavric was our photographer, and she was just wonderful from start to finish. Her fresh, documentary-style photography is modern, delicately confident and exactly the natural feeling we really wanted to capture. She made us feel completely at ease, and we’re so happy we found her!

Kirsten’s loving attention to detail also meant that on receiving our photos we found ourselves discovering so many little extra, beautiful moments that we simply hadn’t seen in the rush of the day, and the emotion of those wonderful little surprises is indescribable.

Our photos are more than perfect, and we were so lucky to have her there for us on the day. She’s awesome.

We had Tom and Rob of Clark and Palmer Films do our videography, and they were exceptionally brilliant. We immediately fell in love with their aesthetic when we discovered them on a recommendation. They create stunning films that have that same, perfectly warm, whimsical and genuine feel that we wanted to capture. Aside from that, they were very cool guys!

We could not rate Kirsten, Tom and Rob high enough; they’re all superstars!

THE DETAILS & DÉCOR | Our flowers were the key part of the décor, in many ways. We had rustic style arrangements with differently sized and shaped glass vases, and they sung out against the clean white linens beautifully.

I got really involved with DIY décor, and sourced a great deal of materials from eBay. We had silver accents against white frames, classic white bunting, lace, and used ribbons to great effect – for wall hanging, and chair backs. We especially hung them from tree branches and they looked gorgeous in the light summer breeze.

We designed all the invitations, signage, orders of service, place cards, table numbers, seating plan and confetti bags ourselves. We even designed our own wedding logo, which Devin had laser-cut from wood and painted white. It hung from behind the top table, and looked amazing!

THE HONEYMOON | We had a day between our wedding and leaving for our honeymoon, which gave us enough time to prepare at home in London. We jetted to Singapore where we spent an exciting couple of days before catching a flight to Bali where we would spend the rest of the honeymoon relaxing and feeling like VIPs. Bali is such a beautiful country, and we were glad to make friends with a particularly lovely taxi driver who showed us the real sights of the island. We’d love to return to both Bali and Singapore again someday.

MEMORABLE MOMENTS | Seeing Devin for the first time as I walked down the aisle, and how genuinely and completely caught up in the moment he was, and reading our personal vows. It felt like the most romantic of poetry.

Choosing our first dance song together (we didn’t really have “a song” before then. Now we have one for the rest of our lives, full of memories).

Dancing with my dad in an unconventional, but quite wonderful, Father-Daughter dance.

Getting buried in ribbons, and eating Party Rings with my bridesmaids as we planned and made the decorations!

And, I don’t think we’ll ever forget the moment when I, in a dreadful panic, realised that I was missing a really important suitcase of items at home – left behind in the rush of leaving London – and Devin and his groomsman Pete ran gallantly into the darkness at 1am on the morning of the wedding for a 4 hour round trip to fetch it… Real life heroes!

ADVICE FOR OTHER COUPLES | It’s a cliché, but try not to sweat the small stuff. We had extensive plans and schedules, and for the most part they worked, but there were some things that got left out or went awry and it made absolutely no difference.

We had our share of hurdles in the run-up to the day, but if you have people around you who care, then everything will be perfect regardless. It’s a wonderful time to involve those you love, so have fun making lots of memories along the way.

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